Continuous Performance Test for ADHD

Test of Variables of Attention (TOVA)

This is a continuous performance task that measures attention, impulsivity and processing speed over time. The results are compared with same aged peers.


This test can be used as a preliminary screening tool for ADHD or processing speed problems. It can also be used as a pre and post evaluation to measure progress in a treatment program such as medication or executive function training.

What is involved?

The entire process takes 1 hour. The test takes 30 minutes to complete and results are provided immediately following.


Research and Education: The T.O.V.A.® is the most widely used objective measure of attention in the world, and is considered the “Gold Standard” among measures of its type.

You can download a listing of over 260 peer-reviewed journal articles (and many more conference papers, theses, dissertations, and more… over 400 in total!) on or using the T.O.V.A. here.

Supported T.O.V.A. Research

The TOVA Company is committed to supporting research that includes objective assessment of attention. Researchers all over the world are using the T.O.V.A. at a dramatically reduced cost.

If you would like to include the T.O.V.A. in your work, please write to us at [email protected] for more information and a research application.

We are also committed to supporting an empirically-based model of assessment that integrates multiple sources of information in regarding attention and inhibitory control through workshops that we teach all over the world.

T.O.V.A. Features

Pre-school test (ages 4-5)
School-age test (ages 6-17)
Adult test with embedded performance validity (ages 17-80+)
Visual and Auditory Test formats
Custom-designed hardware precisely measures response time (±1 ms)
Language- and culture-free stimuli
Standardized multimedia test instructions in 8 languages
T.O.V.A. Behavioral Observation Form
Extensively normed by gender for ages 4 to 80+


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