BrainARC Services Personalized Medicine

Assessments can have the purpose of measuring Performance, as in the case of a neurocognitive assessment. The method of normalizing a pathological EEG pattern does not allow for individual differences.

Measuring Neuromarkers involves measuring both self regulation (Functional EEG) and the domain of information flow (ERPs). We will help you select the best method for your personal needs.


EEG Data Collection

EEG data is collected for patients referred by their personal clinician. All analyses will be completed by the referring clinician.

Functional EEG Analysis

Using Quantitative Electroencephalography processing techniques and analytic software , we assist in determining which areas of the brain are engaged and processing efficiently.


Event Response Potential (ERP) Analysis

Understand how your brain processes your daily experiences by measuring the time it takes for the brain to process sensory stimuli.

Review of EEG by Neurologist

A board certified neurologist will read your EEG and provide a written report.

Computerized Neurocognitive Assessment

A non-invasive clinical neurocognitive testing procedure to efficiently and objectively assess a broad spectrum of brain function performance or domains under challenge.

Continuous Performance Test for ADHD (TOVA)

Preliminary screening tool to measure attention processing speed and variability of performance which can also measure progress in treatment programs such as medication or executive function training.


Case Consultation for neuromodulation training

All our clinicians are BCIA approved mentors for neurofeedback. In addition, Angelika Sadar and Mitchell Sadar are BCIA approved mentors for HRV.

All Reports include case consultation

ERP, data base comparison (HBI), neurology report, clinical, lifestyle and BF/NF recommendations.

BCIA approved neurofeedback certification courses

We provide courses for Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA).

Staff training in Biofeedback/Neurofeedback

We mentor those clinicians seeking to obtain BCIA certification. This training can occur on-site or remotely.


Practice Development Consultation

Staff training, practice development and practice promotion strategies.