Creating Functional EEG Reports with the HBImed Report Generator


May 5th & May 12th

10am to noon EST

Price: $100 USD

Location: Virtual


HBImed has developed an evaluation system that allows complex EEG processes to be easily handled and depicted in a report. qEEG and ERP data can be analyzed in a mostly automated manner and be presented in a word document. Using this report generator is a relatively simple step-wise process. It is the art of interpretation of the results and ultimately the combination of the individual patient elements which create a holistic whole.

The course content will include how to use the report generator and an overview of how to interpret results. The course is aimed at those who wish to expand their evaluations to merge ERPs with their current assessments. ERPS are considered the most stable measure of the brain’s electrical activity. The HBImed database is the largest of its kind, is age and gender specific and includes norms for ERPs .

To utilize the full function of the data analysis, access to a Mitzar or BeeMedic X23 amplifier is necessary. For one month following the lecture, BeeMedic will be offering loaner amplifiers and HBImed will offer access to the report generator at no cost.

Target audience

Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Addiction Counselors, Case Managers, School Counselors, Nurses and Other Mental Health Professionals.

Instructional Level


Learning Objectives

  1. Explain what is meant by Event Related Potentials (ERP) latency and amplitude
  2. Discuss how the Evoked Potential Components reflect stages of professing in the brain
  3. Explain how to prepare and enter data into the HBImed Report Generator
  4. Explain how the event related potentials can assist in providing a better understanding of a patients psychological experience

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Full refund, less $15 processing fee, with cancellation of 48 hours or more.

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Utility/ Validity Statement:

When applied and used according to psychological ethics and practice guidelines, within the scope of expertise of the practicing psychologist, the methods taught do not pose any risks. When discussing equipment, it will be identified if the equipment is FDA approved/cleared, etc.


Mitchell Sadar


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Mitchell is a clinical psychologist who has been practicing neurofeedback since the late nineties. As I integrated neurofeedback into my practice I became aware of the utility of an objective brainwave assessment in addition to a thorough clinical history. At that time, the cost of a qEEG was prohibitive to most of the people seeking help at our clinic, so I developed a version of the Mini-Q based on the work of Paul Swingle, Ph.D. This was used as a part of our evaluation process for several years. Once the cost of qEEGs became more affordable, their use became routine in our clinic and have been used to develop hundreds of protocols for patients of all ages with various presenting complaints ranging from ADHD to autism, anxiety/depression, migraines, TBI, peak performance, etc. Several years ago I was introduced to the value of assessing event related potentials (ERPs) through Andreas Muller, Ph.D., and Yuri Kropotov and added this measure to our clinical evaluation process.

I have sought ongoing training from these individuals as well as Jay Gunkleman, and see ERPs as a key component in the future of our field and acceptance of our field by the medical community. As President of the Board of the Northeast Region Biofeedback Society for the past 4 years I have had the opportunity to interact with a wide range of practitioners. I have learned from them and become aware of what might help them to increase the treatment successes they are already having.

My interest is in disseminating the benefits of qEEG, ERPs, neurofeedback and biofeedback to mental health and health providers, having such people have access to understandable and practical assessment results and recommendations.

Member: American Psychological Association, Pennsylvania Psychological Association, Northeast Region Biofeedback Society, EEG Info Board Certified in Neurofeedback and Heart Rate Variability: Biofeedback Certification International Alliance

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May 5 & May 12, 2021



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10am – noon EST (each day)


$100 USD

Attendees are eligible for 4 APA CEs and 4 BCIA CEs. Add a note if you are interested.

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